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B is for brain
Cause Ive got brain damage
Im deranged, insane
Got cerebrum like a cabbage

H is for honesty
Im not gonna hide it
The doc gave me some Prozac
Cause my life is undecided

R is for relationships
And mine are non-existent
Cause my friends and my women
I like to keep them distant

S is for solitude
I live in isolation
building beats, cooking treats
Making waves like radiation

D is for death
Because death is certain
Even free houses sometimes
Have to close the curtain

G is for glory
'Cause my fate will be gory
If I do a Kurt Cobain
To leave behind my story

N is for Notorious
From England to Mauritius
Biggie Smalls, number one
Its a shame hes now fictitious

Z zed is for zoo
Its where I belong
Cause my life is like a prison
With the music industry lookin on

The words of Johnny Massacre.
BHRSDGNZ brain honesty relationships solitude death glory Notorious zoo
by Chill Storms August 29, 2010
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