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Blonde Haired Kid

A term used to describe Roxas from Kingdom Hearts 2 before his name had been announced.
I can't understand what the BHK is doing on the clock tower with those other kids.
by ZF April 07, 2006
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A fan phrase describing the character 'Roxas' from Kingdom Hearts 2 when he was only desribed as 'Mysterious Boy'.
Person 1: Hey, Sora looks kinda like BHK, don't you think?

Person 2: Yeah. I also like pencil sharpeners.
by Pyriix April 19, 2006
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Bedroom Hall Kitchen
Usually referred for apartments with Bedroom, Hall and Kitchen
It's 2BHK (2Bedroom,1Hall and 1Kitchen) flat.
by Rajan Gopalkrishna May 08, 2007
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BHK is an abbreviation for Booty Hole Kiss. A BHK is an act performed by either sex where one partner presses their rectum against the other partners rectum. Then each participant tightens their rectum thus "puckering" and creating the "kiss".

The BHK is similar to the lesbian version of scissor grinding or donut bumping but it is performed with the rectum rather than the vagina.
I was having one-leg-up sex with my girlfriend when I slipped out and we had a BHK.

I saw two lesbians scissor grinding so hard they ended up BHK'ing.
by Yourpseudonym13 September 28, 2009
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