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BHEFA is an acronym for "bible-humping evangelical/fundamentalist asshat" This refers to the members of the religious right. The definition consists of several parts: "bible-humping" refers to the love of the Bible by these individuals. If you love it so much, you might as well go all the way. The evangelical/fundamentalist part pays heed to the distinction between an evangelical and a fundamentalist, which comprise the religious right. Finally, an asshat is an insult referring to someone who's head is stuck up his ass. This reflects the religious right's denial of the modern world.
If you believe that life begins at conception, that gay marriage should be banned because the Bible says so, that America is a Christian nation, that prayer is a good thing and should be allowed, but evolution is a bad thing and should be banned, that "God created the world in 6 days" is a valid scientific theory, and that "Harry Potter" is a witchcraft manual, then you are a BHEFA.
by fgalkin November 13, 2004
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