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Interrupting an important discussion or even just a small chat.

"Bev-ing" can be a simple interruption or a calculated attempt to destabilize an ongoing conversation

Prolonged hovering with intent to disrupt is also considered "Bev-ing."
Felipe and Matt were having an in-depth conversation about the job when Alexa walked in and Bev-ed Felipe to speak with Matt.

I'm sorry to Bev you, Nick, but this will be quick. I need to speak to Gisela.

I will stand in this hallway and Bev you in to oblivion... I need to speak!!!

Kim Jong Un telling his compadres that the peoples republic has great sushi when Donnald Trump jumps right in and Bev's him "Don't make me push this button Kimmy"

To some , Bev-ing is life
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by Bevenator January 13, 2018
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1 verb: to bev. To go for drinks, usually alcoholic.

2 bevied: past tense of beving
Mate are we beving tonight? haven't been out beving in ages

Think I bevied a bit much last night pal
by jeaston December 05, 2018
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