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Acronym: Big Design Up Front. This is a concept relating to the pursuit of sexual intercourse in a social setting such as a bar or nightclub.

Proponants of BDUF believe that best results are achieved by establishing a detailed plan amongst the wingmen. Examples include preparing pickup lines, deciding which drinks should be ordered in what order, and establishing responsibility for falling on the grenade.

Critics of BDUF believe that such extensive planning is the sign of being a total pussy. Common arguments against BDUF include the fact that there is no amount of fucked up jokes or awkward pauses that cannot be solved by continuous deployment of booze, and nothing says 'losers' like a bunch of dudes whispering amongst themselves before sauntering over. Also, Chuck Norris doesn't need BDUF, Chuck Norris doesn't even need wingmen; Chuck Norris just needs to unzip and whistle. Chuck Norris doesn't even mind nailing the fatty, because by the time he's done with her she's down to a size two and can crack walnuts with her finely toned ass.
Wingman #1: "Holy shit dude, check out those fine bitches over there. I think the blond just looked at me. We'd better do this right and get some BDUF!"

Wingman #2: "Fuck that, dude, let's just get them doin' some jaeger bombs. We're wasting time here."
by Dr. Orpheus October 20, 2009
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