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Stands for Bring Back The Love. It is a reference to people being hostile and unfriendly. Was commonly used by 'hippies' in the late sixties period, aimed at politicians and others whom they felt needed to stop hating everyone, and start loving them. Was used as a statement ie. on protest banners, or stuck in windows, wasnt commonly used in speech.
Person 1: Ahh, whats with all the hate these days?
Person 2: I know right. BBTL all the way.
by lufomargera June 28, 2010
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Literal- (Barber, Booze, Tan, Laundry)

This is the steps required to prepare yourself for a night of creepin on girls and such. These steps should be followed in order that they appear. although "booze" can be repeated at any point in the night.
Ryan: "Hey, are you going to the casino with us tonnight?"
Quinn: "Hell yes I am, but first i gotta BBTL"
Ryan: "Ok. There'll be no gernades tonight!"
by shorefan August 20, 2010
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