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Chris: Hey, I was trying to think of a name for that large trench I dug around my home and then filled with little metal spherical pellets...
Peter: BBMOAT!
Chris: Thanks, that's a great suggestion!...oh, I was also trying to remember the name of that new jazz/blues guitarist who had named himself after that old guitarist who had a similar style...
Peter: BBMOAT!
Chris: Thanks man! That's right! Oh, do you remember what my stuttering, ebonics-speaking neighbor said to me last year when he suggested that I be a ditch for Halloween?
Peter: BBMOAT!
Chris: Oh yeah! Thanks a lot. Oh, I wanted to apologize for last week when I visited the city that you live in, was there for a week, neglected to call you when I got there even though I had previously said I would, and then when you finally got in touch with me, refused to come hang with me because it was 'too far'.
Peter: Oh yeah...that was a pretty bitch move.
by Nicholas D October 13, 2006
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