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its the word that basically makes sense in any situation. maybe you snoozed after you hit a blunt and there was nothing else to say... but BAUGAE.

use it in any sentence at any time.
and thats how she goes.
me - "officer we hid the shit in the visor....


mom - "hun you smell like pot! were you smoking back in the fort again?"

rozdick - "dude i can hook you up with some bud"
me - "okay dude how much for a teener"
him - "dude i could probably get you a bowl for like sixty bucks"
me - "what the fuck. dude how big is the bowl?"
rozdick - holds out his arms like hes hugging a husky chick and says "yeah dude prolly around this much dude. its dank dude i can hook you up fat."
me - walk away....

by biz420 June 07, 2010
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