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So many out there are looking for something positive and useful to rely on in this money-hungry and confused world. Even though this type of thing can be difficult to find and would be a big help if it was accessable to you when you needed it. Wouldn’t it be nice to find this type of thing on television? You know what I mean?

Imagine turning on your television and not having to worry about what the kids are watching, knowing that the channel is positive and educational. Even better, the channel could be uplifting and even help you and that child learn a little about yourself and your culture. Wow, what a wish.

Eventually, someone thought of that very thing and created a TV network called BET (Black Entertainment Television) and when it was getting started, It was something to be proud of. It celebrated us as a people, educated us with talk forums and news geared toward what was relevant to us. Real talent was discovered and our movies were celebrated. Our music was spotlighted as we watched shows like Video Soul and Video Vibrations hosted by talent that actually spoke in full sentences.

Fast forward to about 10 years ago, when Johnson sold us out to Viacom Television for a couple of billion and now BET is programmed and headed by white folks. That’s right! Now BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION is being guided by the same white folks that we were running from in the first place and true talent like Tavis Smiley went out like yesterdays news to be replaced with anything that these white corporate money-hungry idiots thought will make money for them.

Fast forward to present time. Here we are now with the same network doing the same bullshit except, now the music videos are mostly saturated with the dumbest rap artists in the world endorsing nothing but butt naked booty, hoes, money and jewelry. The songs now have elementary hooks and verses and the message is the exact same in every video. That message is “sell your soul for money push drugs on the streets and treat these hoes like crap and you will get to live comfortable like me, you broke ass mutha fu***...” even though (in all actuality) those same rappers are really broke as hell showing girls that have been showing their asses in 20 other videos (just like his) while the platinum chain is borrowed (or fake) and posing next to rented cars.

Real Black Entertainment is gone, and so is BET News. I guess they felt that these NIGGERS don’t need (or want) news and the BET shows began to be saturated with “NI**AS” sleeping around with every “BI**H” they can get their hands on and a barrage of BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP sounds taking the place of all of the profanity used in almost every sentence from the folks they glamourize on the TV screen.

Then, we have BET’s porno-filled BET UNCUT which consist of nothing but the most talentless rap music in existence with as many prostitutes they could find to pay to get naked, dance and spread their black asses (literally) on the screen from beginning to end of every video. You see... This is a what they call a “special program” because here, they can show all of the sex and promiscuous activity they felt they weren’t already showing all day anyway. Now, here’s where it gets really retarded. Immediately after BET UNCUT comes the church and religious shows. That’s right! I said that exactly like you thought I said it. This white guy comes on saying “Have you given your life to GOD?” Judging from the calibur of person who would be watching, I’d have to say HELL NAW these folks haven’t given their lives to GOD! No kidding! I mean, the religion comes on immediately after BET UNCUT! What the hell kind of logic is that!?

It takes absolutely no IQ what-so-ever to enjoy the idiot-filled programming shown all day everyday on BET and I truly think that they should seriously consider changing the name of the network to NIGGA TV as soon as possible.

This way, those people out there who have common sense would know right away to stay the hell away!
B.E.T. (Black Entertainment Television) is like a gold and platinum painted mound of crap. It seems attractive when you look at it, but IT'S STILL A PIECE OF SH**!
by Mr Akbad June 19, 2006
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