Rarer than Sasquatch, scarier than the case of herpes you got from that one night stand with that basic bitch or basic bro or some shit, the B-WAC is a Big White American Cock. Pronounced “bee wack”, the word stems from a night filled with to many Coors Lights and Copenhagen lips. A rarity amongst the white folk, the B-WAC’s are out there lurking in the shadows, waiting to be revealed. We are all rooting for you, you big scary son of a bitch.
Basic Girl 1: “OMG, how was your night?!”
Basic Girl 2: “You won’t believe me, but he had a B-WAC and it was.... AMAZING!!?!?!!?”

Frat Boy 1: “Bro, you got had to many Smirnoffs last night and got naked by the pool. I didn’t know you were hiding a B-WAC under those khakis. Congrats!”
by Mr. Clean but smaller.. July 5, 2018
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