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1. B&B stands for 'Blow & Booze' it is an illicit club located in Orlando, FL. It was created by a UCF student around 2002, and has since then expanded to many central florida high schools. It's an underground club known for its 'extreme/lavish parties' and a scene full of 'drugs, sex, and alcohol'. It is very hard to get in to. The initiation is crazy, sometimes involving sleeping with a member of the club. But, once you are in the club you are entitled to unlimited amount of alcohol, friends, money, and drugs. Yet, you have to sell your share of drugs and pay your dues. Once in the club, however, it is very hard to get out.

2. Best secret society club in Florida. Usually not spoken about in conversation due to the dangers. But, you will know when you have been to a B&B party. Best f*cking parties ever!
1. Guy: Yo girl, did you hear that Stacie is the B&B Club's newest acceptee?
Girl: Oh crap, I wonder what she had to do to get in?

2. Girl: That party was insane last night! Who knew that a highschool girl could throw such a crazy party!
Guy: Damn I know! She must be a member of the B&B Club.
by Smithydale May 30, 2009
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