When someone takes a nice shit in your mouth and throat punches You so it forces you to swallow.
Danny gave mason a Spicy Kelly B. last night
by Daddyrapism March 17, 2021
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She is house broken, friendly, and great with kids and other animals. She is low energy so exercise isn't a necessity and waking her from long rests and naps is unadvised. She loves to cuddle, and can be taken most places. Her favourite treats are chicken nuggies and slurpees. She does tend to be upset if you get her the wrong flavours though. While fearful, she does demonstrate good guard instincts when left home alone. She can be left alone and only shows distress when you leave, calms down fairly quickly there after. She likes to meet others as well, but can be slightly jealous if anyone shows interest in her people. We have had success in teaching her new things. Some extra attention during thunderstorms is quite common or else she may whimper and cry (refer to favourite treats). All in all, she's a good girl 🐕
We have a Kelly B
by Her roommates October 29, 2021
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When someone with a name that start with a B talks to a underaged girl
“you talk to A” said c “yeah bro I do” said b “ you know she like 15 right” said c “oh naw call that nigga B kelly”
by Makhi aka draco November 25, 2021
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