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Any one of various burgers that while "high functioning" ie are quite tasty, fall outside the normally accepted parameters of typical "hamburgers". "Azzburgers Syndrome" is a related medical/psychological condition which manifests itself in the uncontrollable urge to develop new and unusual variations on the Azzburger theme itself. It is often detected among those who score 32 or higher on the Baron/Cohen test for "Asbergers" Syndrome which coincidentally almost (but not quite) rhymes with Azzburgers.
1) The "Stinkin Azzburger" Which is composed of ground beef patty topped with Limburger Cheese, Bermuda onion and crushed garlic.
2) The "Tight Azzburger" which consist of nothing but a very good roll without fillings or condiments of any sort. (other than a generous slathering of butter)
3) The "Fat Azzburger" which is composed of a large patty of 73% ground beef, 1/2 lb of bacon 1/2 lb of American cheese and Lots of mayonnaise.
by Kryptik July 13, 2012
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