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Azwa has a unique meaning. Often used in middle eastern countries' holy books as to describe patience. A name most would should to ignore, but those who own it have the most beautiful 2 syllable word. Beautiful from head to toe you are. Confident and outspoken. Goofy and reserved. Perfect inside and out.
Stop it! Be Azwa, god!
by Elmoislit January 07, 2017
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A charismatic person who has a personal quality that makes other people like her and attracted to her. Being attractive and pleasant to look at, especially in a way that interest others inside out. As a lover, she's a spoiled but protective sweetheart. Be grateful to in love with her cause she will love eternally with sincere heart but also, she won't stay put until she's satisfied by anything she demand to know of her bae. So boys, don't ever try to flirt with other girls if you're dating a Azwa, or else you'll be doomed. Simple say boys, don't mess with a Azwa.
Hey, we pray that you and Azwa will long lasting pals. Congratulations to both of you.
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by MADASAZ0512 January 02, 2018
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