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Always been sincere and take responsibilities. Has the adaptability to help others and quite compassionate too. Understand others situations but he can get confuse sometimes. A loyal friend who will stick to you forever if you do the same to him. Can be easily annoyed but has a lot of patience in him. A shy person and weird, but in a good way. He thinks he can be sweet and funny sometimes. Really care for the people he loves. Cute personality and only open up with he truly trust. Overall he’s just another rare species what you call a ‘gentleman’ that seems to become to an extinction. Unless we do something about it. Find this person and never let him go.
I wish I could have a good friend like Azizul

Azizul doesn’t have the good looks but I can promise you. He will bring a blissful life

I like Azizul. People always judge the way he is but no one know who he really is. I guess I’m lucky to have this kind of relationship with him
by Boldaboard December 29, 2017
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A very handsome boy,they even have enormous penis,all the ladies are fighting for him.
She's so lucky to have Azizul
by Zzaiie April 23, 2018
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