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A true bro. Never failing to go the extra mile to help out a friend or make you laugh when you're feeling down. He's the kind of guy that never asks for a thank you. He never complains and has the spirit of a nerdy lion, can fix anything, and knows all the good answers to many of life's questions, like how to patch a hole in the wall. He's a gadget wiz and has the electronic library of Steve Jobs. He will eventually become a pharmacist and cure the worlds diseases one STD and "last nights hookup" at a time. Just a brown man doing his thing.
Guy 1- "Hey is that Azaad over there?"
Guy 2- "Just a brown man doing his thing."

Guy 1- "Oh hey, I forgot my phone charger."
Guy 2- "No worries, Azaad brought like three."
by Jester Penrose August 08, 2012
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