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Ayvah is PURE BEAUTY in a little girl, she has the biggest brown eyes that steal everyone’s heart at first glance, her laugh will captivate you in an instant, long dark curly hair, and a sassy/spunky attitude that gets her way EVERYTIME. You can’t tell her NO, and will love to make all her dreams come true just to see her happy! If you meet AYVAH you’ll never want to leave HER!
Boy- “Ayvah is the prettiest girl in here! I have to get to know that girl!”

Girl “Ayvah is so perfect, I wanna be just like her!”
by Lorrain328 May 21, 2018
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A feminine title or name used to call a girl by, On the grounds that she has an attraction to Skateboarders in particular.
Person #1:Hey did you see that Ayvah man, she's always in the footage and montage's.
Person #2:Yes i notice'd that and ,I believe she has a thing for skateboarders indeed.
by Jozanic June 21, 2011
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