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Aynsley is someone who is exotic, intelegent and hot, both in looks and temprement.

Usually the life and soul of the party with loads of energy and a hillarious sense of humour!
They can party hard with the partiers or chill with the chillers either way they are going to make it a good time for all!
They enjoy the company of both sexes but usually enjoys the opposite sex more!
Can be male or female, either way they are great in bed, and like to be freaky!
Person #1 "He/She is hillarious and hot!"
Person #2 "Yup, thats Aynsley."
by SillyFilly February 07, 2010
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Aynsley is sort of a handful. She is very spunky and says what's on her mind. She can be extremely dirty-minded but hides it. She tends to have an over-active imagination and can make fun out of even the most meaningful task. All the boys have crushes on her. She gets upset over small things but doesn't make a big deal out of the big things. She is super sweet and loving. Anyone would be lucky to have an Aynsley
Boy 1: I have a huge crush on Aynsley
Every other boy in school: so do I!
by Doglover777 January 12, 2019
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