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Ayham is an arabic name meaning Brave. An ayham is a strong willed person who is loved by all, though extremely sensitive and annoying. Ayhams are good liars and almost never feel sympathy towards others. When they do however, they go all in to make this person feel better however possible.
Ugh! you're SUCH an ayham
awh what an ayham gesture
by 3arabiCoolxx May 12, 2014
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Ayhams are very emotional and sensitive, they are also very loyal to a friend or a lover. However Ayhams can be good liars and tend to hide a lot of secrets. Ayhams are very attractive and they have such gorgeous eyes. Ayhams can also be very good in bed.
Oh no I heard she’s is dating an Ayham
She is lucky! But she’s must never keep him out of sight!
by Quixxotic October 21, 2018
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