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Oral stimulation of the axilla, or underarm. To lick and/or suck on another person's underarm, primarily for the sexual stimulation of either partner; a type of foreplay. Like Cunnilingus and Analingus, Axillingus should be performed on a body which is not exceptionally "ripe" or dirty; some odour and flavour is fine, even encouraged, but not offensively so. Deodorants should not be used by the person receiving Axillingus because the perfumes and antiperspirant ingredients in them (such as aluminum) can irritate the mouth and tongue of the other partner, or taste unpleasant. An extension of Axillism, the sexualizing of the underarms.
"After several minutes of kissing and petting, Hank lifted Abby's left arm and performed axillingus on her for a couple minutes, before moving to her right underarm, and repeating."
by FHR May 08, 2008
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