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Awootism is a fatal form of being a furry. Symptoms include:
1. Wearing fursuits

2. Using the emoticon "uwu" or "OWO"

3. Creating art of anthropomorphized animals

4. Referring to themselves in the third person

5. Use of asterisks to denote action in conversation

6. Use of internet shorthand

7. Performing animal roleplay in inappropriate situations

8. Spending exorbitant amounts on anything furry to feed the disease
Cindy: * CindyCorn cuddles against ur flubby tail uwu*
Jessica: Ahh man, I think Cindy has Awootism. What makes it worse is that she just spent all her money on that fursuit.
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Awootism Is a horrible disease that affects thousands of families every day. It's common for those suffering of this disease to say owo and :3 far too much, and to spend much of their time making art. After stage 1, they start to "imagine" being an animal, drawing animals more human, and begin to wear collars. Soon they begin to cosplay in ears and a tail, sometimes buying a fursuit, but in the end, it always ends in death for the victim
Look at that Furry, it has Awootism... Poor thing...
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by Logo_Faux August 07, 2018
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The disease you have when you start saying awoo. Not to be confused with actual autism.
Getting infected by Awootism is going to give you a permanent boost to your friendliness.
Steve: Awoo~!
Everyone else: Ignore him, he has awootism.
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by egufourtwenty June 24, 2018
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Student: WTH's wrong with that kid.

Student2: He has Autism but the weaboo version.
by UyU√` January 05, 2019
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