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Very awkward sarcasm. This awkward sarcasm usually appears when it is very unnecessary. It is supposed to sound positive but everyone else knows you are being very awkward, sarcastic. People often mistake awkwardcasm for weirdness when in reality it is uniqueness. People who understand awkwardcasm can turn any bad, ugly, awkward, sarcastic situation into an even funnier, awkwarder situation that is still kind of funny in an inside-joke type of way.

People who are AWKWARDCASTIC are not afraid to admit that they are awkward and usually point out awkward situations immediately after they happen. They do this in such an awkward way that it creates another awkward situation in which the awkwardcastic person re-points out. Then an awkwardcastic ripple effect begins. The awkwardcastic ripple effect usually happens when a group of friends are stoned.
Meredith freaks out on her whole sorority for no reason.

Jessica sends out a mass text to the whole sorority saying, "Nobody really cares if you're miserable, so you might as well be happy."

Meredith is mad, half of the sorority is like WTF, while everyone else says, "Lol Jess would"

This is an example of awkwardcasm
by Mrs. Awkwardcastic March 07, 2011
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