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The concept of taking 2 people who have an embarrassing connection with each other (whether it's an ex boyfriend/girlfriend, someone who got rejected by that person at a prior time, or just 2 people who have been known not to like each other) and introducing them to each other as if it's the first time they've ever met, thus making the situation very awkward. The best way is to push them close to each other and force them to shake hands.

This can be fun as a way to get small revenge on someone, or just for a good laugh. It's better doing it in a public place with a larger crowd such as a concert, sporting event, ect.

An awkward meet and greet, however, should NEVER be done with 2 people who are known to have a serious issue with one another, as it could lead to further problems if both people are unaware of the joke. Do at own risk.
John is with his best friend Bill at a concert where he sees Rachel, a girl Bill had asked out a few times but kept getting denied by with lame excuses.

John: (walking over to Rachel) Rachel, Rachel!

Rachel: What's up?

John: You've got to come over here to meet my friend (brings her over to Bill and pushes them together forcing them to shake hands)

Rachel and Bill: (Both with uncomfortable looks on their face)

John: Rachel this is Bill, Bill this is Rachel. I'd just thought I'd introduce my 2 good friends to each other.

Rachel: Oh... hey.

Bill: Uh, hey. (Walks away and pulls John with him) You suck, what was that for? That was so awkward.

John: Haha that's payback for not covering me last weekend, nothing like a good ol' awkward meet and greet!
by Do it live! September 22, 2012
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