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A person with lack of facial expression, but excessive eye movement with lips slightly parted creating a stunned and confused look. This occurs only when asked a question...
T: Hey Roger what are you doing?
R: ...(lack of facial expression) for few seconds

R: ...(excessive eye movement) for few seconds
R: ....(confused look)
T: Yo your fucking awkard man!!!

B: It's not my accent!!!
V: I gotta go to sleep now guys (9pm)
by Tz, MFS, WS March 29, 2011
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Similar to an awkward boner, an awkward roger is an untimely male erection. While not visible to onlookers, the erection is felt by the aroused male and, thus, elicits a response of awkwardness. An awkward roger can occur in the following situations:

1. While in the process of an important job interview (employer or potential employee)
2. While attending a funeral
3. While holding a friend's newborn child
4. While public speaking
5. While meeting in-laws, a foreign dignitary, or religious leader
6. While ordering a sandwich at the deli
7. While being fitted for a tuxedo
8. While at the customer service desk at a department store
9. While getting pictures taken with Santa Clause
10. While lifting something heavy
11. While using public transit
12. While lighting a friend's cigar
13. While watching your child's school play
14. While confessing your sins to a priest
15. While receiving an award
Bill: "Oh Brian, Elizabeth is so adorable. Can I hold her?"

Brian: "Of course."

Bill: "She's so swe--"

Brian: "What's the matter."

Bill: "Awkward roger!"

I met Pope John Paul II the other day and got an awkward roger just as I was leaning in for a hug.
by Lance Stickman March 07, 2011
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