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A hand gesture meant to be a rebuttal for the awkward turtle, usually accompanied by a verbal explanation.

It is formed by:

1. making the awkward turtle with your hands
2. seperating the hands so that they sit next to each other
3. balling both hands into fists and bumping them together twice
4. sticking out both pinkies and thumbs and rotating them forward
Guy: Hey, what's up?

Girl: I'm on my period...

Guy: *Awkward Turtle*

Girl: Awkward Turtle makes Awkward Babies *Awkward Babies*
by The Human Dictionary August 02, 2009
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In an awkward situation, when one person makes an awkward vagina, and another makes an awkward penis, an awkward baby is formed.
- a bunch of guys hanging out-
Timmy: And then, my girlfriend walked in on me while I was singing Dolly Parton's greatest hits!
Ted: -awkward penis-
Jim: -awkward vagina-
by sirpoopsalot7113 August 18, 2011
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