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1. (noun) A situation that is not just an awkward situation, but an incredibly, uncomfortably awkward situation. Awkwardness to the extreme.

2. (also noun) The Awkasaurus is a creature that thrives off of extremely awkward situations. It's main goal is to make things more awkward. It does not have a roar, it instead only ever uses a mating call, which sounds like, "Rawgreramaassrkrrr!"
1. Sarah: "This is my associate, Mr. Osaka."

Gary: "Oh! Konichiwa!"

Alexander: "I'm from Nebraska..."

Sarah: *thinking* Ooh... That's a big ol' Awkasaurus.

2. *watching a movie with a friend*

*parents walk in on the one sex scene*

Awkasaurus: *lurking in the corner* "Rawgreramaassrkrrr!!"
by nightfog23 August 08, 2011
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