A wonderful best friend for life that everyone would love to have. She is caring, loving and just amazing! Whenever her friends need her loving help she is there. I'm so lucky to have a smart, funny best friend like her. I don't know what else to say!
Love you Awin you are the best
I will always be there for you just like you are for me
by Blue lover October 24, 2019
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A really sweet and nice Filipino. Pushes friends away to protect them. Misunderstood and mysterious. Also, the only car guy in his neighborhood.
Heeeey, Awin!
by ElectroAxis November 3, 2018
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A hopeless romantic that pretends to be cold hearted so people let her alone; she’s a sarcastic introvert but super fun to be around; always pushes away people that are trying to get close to her so she won’t get hurt;
Awin is gay
by peppapigishot November 21, 2021
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