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Stands for "average slut".

A band of girls who usually thrive fitting in (pretty much the opposite of Goth), and in doing so, try to act different but end up all the same.

Generally in this day and age, attempt to act different by:

-Having a MySpace page with the same angled, black and white picture with black\blonde\brown hair taken on a angle so you can't see where their face begins
-Wears little kid stuff, like Dorothy the DInosaur, Dora the Explorer, listens to The Wiggles, and when you ask her about it she claims "its cool" or "cute" and trails off smelling of 10 kilograms of makeup and\or perfume
-Hangs out with girls that look like they were made on a factory line with only 3 models to choose from
-Generally with puffy hairstyles, although often with hair tied back
-If you call them "slut" they get one of their little boyfriends (or as they call, their "true loves", yet they have around 10-15 of them doing their bidding)
-Regardless of the fact of how many boyfriends or girlfriends the girl may have or if they are lesbian\bi, they hug their girlfriends 50x more then any guy in the entire world, and if you ask them why, they call you a "fag" and say "we are friends" and then have a arguement and hit each other the following week
-Try to be fashionable by all wearing the same clothes
-Do something wrong in class 100x to everyones expense and when they get in trouble they refuse to believe "they did anything" and swear
-Hate anyone for being different (espicially Goths and emos, regardless of the fact most goths and emos don't give a f*ck in hell if they called them gay for the rest of their life, because emos and goths don't really care.)
-Have bags (not handbags) that are WAY too small for them. I mean ridiculously... can't even fit slutty makeup in it.

-Ends every sentence with "iloveu xoxoxoxxo" and is usually a signature in emails
-EVERY SINGLE F*CKING myspace comment or whatever AND name is xox or whatever
-sends emails to other obnoxious slutty friends regardless of the fact they type slow and they are sitting next to each other

-Listens to REALLY annoying pop\punk\rap music to act "cool" when really hates it and claims she is "gansta".
Sarah (avslut): Oh baby i love you baby you r so cute in dat pic - typical myspace comment for picture.


*two avsluts are talking with a goth nearby*
*Goth listens to music that he actually enjoys*
avslut 1: eww, that dude is, like, so totally, like, eww.
avslut 1: *drools in pile due to fact rap music has destroyed what remained of tiny brain*
Goth: Yeah, whatever... *continues to listen to music*
by Blinklad1 August 01, 2008
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