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Avon by the Sea is a small town located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. It is a small beach town where a bunch of bennies go. Avon is a sending district of Manasquan High School. It is the best of all the seven towns and all the other towns are filled with a bunch of bitch ass fucking pussies who talk mad shit and dont back it up and try to talk shit to kids from Avon but we fuck them up because they are all a bunch of tools who think there sweet and when they get fucked up by an Avon kid they go and kill themselfs. FUCK HEIGHTS! AVON!
Jeff: Yo did you here about that kid from Avon by the Sea?

Adam: Ya i heard he fucking wrecked a bunch of kids and reps the Von real hard!
by AVON BY THE SEA June 16, 2009
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