Only faggots drive vehicles with them, if your car/truck has one you are the big gay.
Your Powerstroke can only be had with an automatic transmission which means you're a faggot who loves gargling cocks, real men buy Dodge trucks because they can be had with a manual transmission. Neck yourself gay boi.
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Type of transmission used by women and lazy people. Most Americans use it. Is is a sign you hate cars unless your car is so fast that you actually need it.

No guy ever got the girl by saying:

“Hey! Wanna see me putting my stick in the D mode? It looks cool as hel*.
Ryan: Hey Dave! Can you teach me to drift?
Dave: Sure, what are you driving?
Ryan: A FWD Prius with Automatic transmission.
Dave: *dies
by apexcz June 26, 2020
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