- A 100% Guaranteed Female Orgasm caused by trial and error with different positions with her partner to figure which one makes her cum the quickest and most often. A couple will start in this position to get her orgasm out of the way quickly to allow for the male to finish when ever he pleases, not worrying yet if he had pleased the woman yet.
Scenario 1:
Jackie: "So, how did it go with Mark last night after you left? Did you fuck him? Was he good?"

Beth: "Well, he was a pretty drunk, so instead of risking him cumming early, or going soft on me, I went for my Autogasm position right away to ensure I at least was satisfied. I am sure he is bragging to all his buddies today about what a stud he is even though I got myself off on his cock while he just laid there did nothing..."

Scenario 2:

Therese: "Bill, I am so happy we heard about the Autogasm when we did. One more round with you not getting me off would have ended it. Now I don't care that you blow your load after 4 minutes like usual...."

Scenario 3:

Neighbor Dan: "Hello neighbor John. Your grass is looking greener than usual, but you don't look so happy. What's wrong."

John: "Well, Jill decided she wanted to try something new in bed. I told her skipping the Autogasm wasn''t a good idea, and now she is all pissed off cause I came before she did last night...."

Neighbor Dan: "Well, to be honest with you, I think by 'Try Something New in Bed' she meant 'Someone new'. Trust ME buddy, she got off last night alright! Look on the bright side though, she has a few new Autogasm positions now so you are good to go again!"
by Zoltar525 May 29, 2009
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When a female automatically orgasms after seeing either an attractive male, a penis, or for the bisexuals and lesbians, an attractive female or vagina
Female 1 :"OMG, Look at the guy that just walked in."
*Female 2 turns and looks and all of a sudden starts panting and orgasms"
Female 1: Did you just autogasm?
Female 2: That took less than a second
by Megaman62889 October 02, 2011
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