The trend of vehicles growing larger and heavier as people want to drive oversized vehicles they don't really need.

Examples are people who buy four-door pickup trucks to occasionally haul a bag of dirt from home depot. Or drive a large SUV to the bus stop because they're afraid to let their two children walk by themselves.
I see that guy drive his huge SUV everyday to work by himself. He has never taken it off-roading, he just bought it because he has autobesity.
by Wordiculous July 17, 2023
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A word used by smug Guardian reading sandal wearing, bike fanatics to diminish large vehicles that they likely can't afford.
Stefan and I were sitting having our soy lattes when one of those ghastly SUVs carrying a mother and three kids parked in front of us. I hate the autobesity and don't understand why a family of four can't ride a bicycle like us. I'm going to tweet about it.
by Goatse Nostalgic July 23, 2023
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