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A means of blaming your phone every time you text something you wish you hadn't
Girlfriend: You're really bad at drawing lol
Boyfriend: Wtf
Girlfriend: Stupid autocorrect. meant, "you should get a degree in drawing"
Boyfriend: I know you're auto-correxting. We're through.
by LoL Champion Definitions November 14, 2016
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When you send a text message of random auto-correct words. Using two fingers, type random letters on an iphone until autocorrect makes a word. Then a space must be made to start a new word. A word can be re-started if no correction is offered.
(These names were invented with autocorrexting.)

Rowland Chairlift: "Cindy brings Jordan brunch"
Legs McGraw: "Rocket gospel soaked godsend"
Boots McJob: "Baring Vatican ovary"
Mugs McClain: "Overthrust effects uterus"
Bummer Dewy: "Gherkin coffin"
Keri McCray: "Forked towels"
Seahorse Castro: "Guido scene deleted"
by wBrynn November 19, 2011
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