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An intricate masturbatory position requiring the masturbator to be in an inverse of the Z vector tangential to the earth's surface i.e. hanging from a pull-up bar via gravity boots. This form requires strength, finesse, deep concentration, preperation, and most importantly aim. When climax is reached, the ejaculate (if directed properly) will descend gracefully like snowflakes on a Winter's day.

Advanced techniques can be applied to create a reining flurry. As one approaches the apex, vigorous pendulum-like motions combined with slight torquing of the hips can cause the trajectory of the ejaculate to scatter forming a ferocious blizzard.

It is crucial for the masturbator to be properly prepared with all required materials within arms reach. Due to the excessive blood flow and disorientation, failure to prepare in this advanced position can cause irrational thinking, broken bones, and abashed relationships with kin.
Although Steve had been training for months, he went blind while attempting the Australian Snow Storm when the acidity of the poorly aimed semen landed in his eyes causing permanent erosion of his retinas.
by tgirl93 October 31, 2012
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Verb or Noun. A sex move where the guy releases his cum into a butt hole (male or female). The receiving butt hole then farts out the cum into the guys face.
Ah my face is still sticky from that Australian Snow Storm last night.

I totally Australian Snow Stormed that jerk from gym class.
by Pone-Doggies April 10, 2011
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