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The Australian Labor Party (ALP) is an anachronistic organisation that purports to have a monopoly on social conscience and represent the working classes of Australia.

It is controlled by a caustic mixture of unionist bully boys who make "On the Waterfront" look like "Saturday Night Fever" and casuistic right-wing intellectuals posing as messianic left-wing intellectuals. Both groups share a common vision, namely the manipulation to their own (perhaps pecuniary and/or machavellian)ends of two corresponding strata of the Australian electorate.

One stratum is the worker and disadvantaged who perceives itself to be "abused" by the "boss". It is likely this perception is a hangover from the Australian penal/colonial mind set of "us and them" and may go some way toward explaining the Australian sense of inadequacy on the international political and cultural scene. (cf. sport and Australian supremacy -also consider Mark Twain's report that Sydneysiders were oddly proud of their harbour "ain't she beautiful"? as if they somehow had something to do with the matter, whereas it may be that they felt they had nothing to say about themselves!)

The other stratum are the advantaged who feel guilty for not being born disadvantaged. In a collective attempt to apologise for their sheer good fortune these sons and daughters of the advantaged suspend their intellectual capacity and turn to the ALP to salve their conscience.

The ALP, of course, cannot assuage their angst because it has no more a monopoly on social conscience than any other political organisation. These people quickly forget that it was the ALP who designed the White Australia Policy, reintroduced fees for teriary education during the Dawkins administration, sold out the worker via Keating's "level playing field" giving the Australian worker a whopping 19% rate on their mortgages, and rushed off headlong into the Gulf War when Hawke sent warships without discussing it with parliament.

Labor voters often cannot spell correctly.
by gromdadi August 27, 2005
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The political party that offers fairness, and equality in Australia, and tries to help all Australians, not just he wealthy.

Usually has to clean up the mess the evil Liberal Party has made, as the liberals usually run a state or country into the ground.
How anyone could vote for the liberals is beyond me.

I swear, this country is fucked up, when a man as evil as howard actually wins a 4th term.

What have we become?
by why vote for liberals? October 09, 2004
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