The display of an attitude by Austinites (residents of Austin, TX) that their city is nearly perfect and without problems. Unlike Dallitude (which is associated with the display of wealth), Austitude is associated with the belief the city of Austin and people in it are unique, smarter, and more advanced than the rest of Texas and southern USA. This flawed kind of thinking is usually associated with down-talking other cities and ignoring the fact that other cities may excel in areas Austin does not.
Example A: Justifying living in Austin by saying that Houston has too much traffic and is too hot, while failing to admit Austin has the exact same problems. This is display of Austitude.

Example B: Trash-talking about Houston (i.e. it is all concrete, has no culture and no positive attributes). This is display of Austitude. In reality Houston has forests of tall pine trees Austin does not, world-class arts/culture Austin does not, and a great restaurant scene Austin does not. (Dallas also has superior culture to Austin).

Example C: Saying Austin is so unique and has many things other Texas cities do not. In reality, Austin has many things borrowed from other cities such as chain restaurants, architecture, even the Art Car Parade (which has been going on in Houston for much longer). This is display of Austitude.
by Texas Expert December 24, 2008
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