"Dallitude" (somewhat less frequently spelled “Dallatude") is a “Dallas attitude.” It has been described as the display of snobbery and/or elitism of a resident from Dallas, TX.

It's believed the term “Dallitude” was first found on a gay newsgroup posting from 1999; the term possibly originated in Dallas' gay community.

Today, Dallitude is more likely to refer to anyone from the city of Dallas displaying a "superior" attitude.
Example A: Down-talking the way others are dressed in a Dallas nightclub. "Can you believe her shoes?" This is display of Dallitude.

Example B: Driving a leased BMW on a $30k/year salary. This could be considered display of Dallitude.

Example C: A Dallas resident trash-talking other Texas cities while failing to acknowledge Dallas has just as many or more problems. Such as saying "Houston is polluted and crime-ridden!" In reality, Dallas ranks just a few places behind Houston on air pollution, and ranks higher than Houston on crime. This is Dallitude.
by Texas Expert December 24, 2008
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the addditude of a person from Dallas,Texas who acts liek a total snob douchebag,often seen name and label dropping and commenting on what everyone is wearing or doing to bury their own raging insecurity as a desperate plot for acceptance.
"That guy is wearing Louis Vutton socks and ranting about being across the street from Lindsay Lohan on Rodeo once,hes got Dallitude for sure."
by zigzagz stardust September 9, 2006
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