The display of an attitude by Austinites (residents of Austin, TX) that their city is nearly perfect and without problems. Unlike Dallitude (which is associated with the display of wealth), Austintude (or Austitude) is associated with the belief the city of Austin and people in it are unique, smarter, and more advanced than the rest of Texas and southern USA. This flawed kind of thinking is usually associated with down-talking other cities and ignoring the fact that other cities may excel in areas Austin does not.

Unfortunately, the media plays a part in this by perpetuating certain myths and stereotypes (positive ones for Austin, and negative ones for other Texas cities.)
Example quotes from an Austinite showing Austintude / Austitude:

No, we have no traffic, no problems, absolutely no crime anywhere, and no air pollution from the cars that just sit in traffic. This is the Oasis of the Western Hemisphere. The other Texas cities have terrible summer heat, sprawl and strip malls, but somehow we just do not because we are magically exempt!

You're moving away from Austin? To where? Ewww!

You moved here from where? Ewww! Don't you feel like you should get down and kiss the ground that is Austin, you will be so enlightened now!
by Texas Expert June 21, 2010
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