A tiny kid that’s nice on the inside but tells people to fuck off.
by Wonton Noodle Soup February 22, 2018
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1.) A man of greatness, most often one who works in or around some sort of retail store offering marine-related goods 2.) Is able to assist with even the most frustrating of tasks 3.) This person is a giver but most notably enjoys receiving 4.) This person is the man, the man meaning one who receives plenty 5.) This person often tries to handle parts in some manner, sometimes for money 6.) He prefers to handle parts for free
Aush, you've gotten to the parts incredibly fast!

Aush, can I pay you to take care of my parts?

Aush, can you take care of my parts for free?

Leave it to Aush!
by Bellaroo March 16, 2007
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Typically a person of very small build, always a virgin, never knows when to stop talking, and can be described as irritating. A person called/named Aush is a tryhard and a willy licker, they may always be at your side, and NEVER leave.
“Yo, I started talking to Aush the other day”
Good luck getting rid of him, he’s like a disease.”
by Betraysolemn February 20, 2019
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