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Aurora AKA AuroraTheGoddess is a internet icon/celeb and is very well-known on various networking sites. She is an artist and loves to sing & dance. Aurorable was a nickname given to this young woman many years back when she asked a friend to describe her, using only one word! Aurora said it described her personality. Many people have stated that Aurora has a personality all of her own and they pretty much broke the mold when they made her. When describing Aurora, Aurorable sums it up in one word. Because it describes her unique and cunning and charming personality. She is loving, sensitive, sweet and has passion within herself like no other and that alone is what makes her Aurorable. On the same concept of loveable, but Aurorable describes more than just being lovable, it describes her inner being, her life and whats in her soul!
She arrived at the party late and just as Aurora always does, she made a grand entrance. Everyone stopped and stared as she walked across the dance floor in a sexy black harlet glimmering dress. One guy leans over to his friend and says thats what makes Aurora Aurorable. Its her just being herself and there is no one else like her.
by AuroraTheGoddes April 20, 2011
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