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"Auralee," is a female, who is headstrong and stubborn, but likely one of the most loyal and generous gals you'll ever meet! Make friends with her, and she'll be on your side FOREVER, but tick her off, and she'll make you pay FOREVER! She may be misunderstood by some, but is cherished and deeply loved by those who know her heart! Has a tendency to make retarded comments and stick her foot in her mouth, but has a beautiful middle tooth to make up for it all, with just enough space around it, to keep letting her foot slide in! A keeper, but you'll have to put up a fight to get her!
"Auralee ROCKS my world!!!"
by shinegurl April 16, 2010
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An Auralee is a female with nice teeth, who likes to use a fake German accent and pull her sweater over her head... but mostly it's just a chick with nice teeth.
Man, than Auralee blinds me when she smiles!
by iMeanRooster June 13, 2009
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