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An Aunt Tammy is to women what an Uncle Tom is to people of color: Someone who sells out their own interests in order to suck up to whoever is trying to hold them back.
After Kimberly got groped at a party, her friend Jessica said she was 'asking for it' with her sexy outfit. What an Aunt Tammy!
by Cee-Rizzle March 18, 2013
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The Female Version of the Uncle Tom, which is basically a person that dislikes/disowns their own race and/or pretends to be of another race.

Usually this the term is used in the black community but this can be used for any one that supplicates to a race or races of people while at the same time hating their own
I won't date an Aunt Tammy, she should be proud her race.

Linda is such an Aunt Tammy, all she talks about is how bad the black community is. She's black.

All girls who say they are "Mixed", Spanish, Puerto Rican or etc, when they are really black are Aunt Tammies.

If you're married to an Uncle Tom of the same race, you're an Aunt Tammy... But that would be impossible.
by RioLowe June 02, 2011
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