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Any art form where attitude is part of the performance. Usually taking one own self attitude to the extremes and pushing comfort zones. You pretty much bring it at all parts of life and don't let anyone stop the incredible force that's in your flesh in bones. Attitudist usually part take in these types of activities: Howling at the moon, ripping clothes off not just themselves but others(usually of the opposite sex), extreme sports, laughing to the point were there ribs being to hurt, only going to movies if it's 3D, Parcheesi, bigfoot hunting, bare knuckled fights, food fights, throwing there hands up in the air and claiming it, they are Jedis, anything go pro worthy(no sissy shit either), writing every sentence with an exclamation mark, crocodile wrestling, mud wrestling, naked wrestling ;), SEX, art which is usually only finger and splatter paint cause they have a hard time with the other half of their brain and anything else that rocks in this world!
Man that dude isn't an artist. He is an attitudist!

Make up your own examples! I got to go continue killing it at life!
by Palumbo69 July 08, 2013
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