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A disorder in which somebody makes up or exaggerates a mental illness for attention. Someone likely has this condition if they are constantly making posts on social media about their insurmountable struggles dealing with (e.g. anxiety, depression) and seem to always have the need to remind others about how sick or damaged they are. These people also typically make vague posts of their dire distress in order to obtain sympathy and bait people into talking to them about it. It is common for these individuals to use their illness as an excuse for their behavior, esp. when treating others poorly yet expects those same people feel sorry for them. Those affected by ASCD typically make little or no effort to get better from their supposed illness because they are more interested in getting attention than improving their quality of life. The demographic most affected by this ailment are adolescent females who spend too much time on their phones utilizing social media.
John: "Wow I can't look at facebook without seeing Sophie sharing depression quotes all the time!"
Brian: "You should just unfriend her, bro. she has Attention-Seeking Cunt Disorder."
by WhoLikesBananas August 22, 2017
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