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A variation of the slang "Attaboy" except instead of the boy, it is babe. All in all, attababe means that's a good babe. It is a patronizing word showing good work, perceived ownership, etc. Used among friends.
(After Don hits the homerun)
Dick: Attababe, Don, that's how we do it.
by dickwhitman August 28, 2009
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A phrase used to indicate respect for impressive or otherwise noteworthy actions. These actions can be either positive or negative, but ultimately deserve the sort of reverence that only this term can convey. Often used between bros, this phrase is thought to have originated in Boston, but has since grown, and has been known to pop up in places as far-flung as Montreal and Vancouver.
Man: (Throws up on girl he is hooking up with)
Bartender: "Atta babe"
by crazy native December 28, 2010
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