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Atrash is from the latin word Atrash, which means someone with exceptional Mathmatical ability. His force can be used to bend the time-space continuum in order to help people understand their material the night before the exam. Sometimes the fact that he knows these people is irrelevant, ergo Atrash also stands for Absolute Academic Generousity.
The Atrash is also known for his occasional participation in Quake 3 LAN parties with Daher, hence the epigram "Like Atrash in Quake".
Atrash, we love you.
by Hus April 11, 2004
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A complix yet simple mind. Thinks of everything at the same time. Able to produce a very well organized algorithms while driving "The Green Car". His projects with Daher was never complete. but they hold the best of man's thinking abilities.

Discards any programming advices given by people in the power of C++ .
void GetObject( object *& const ( & (const ojbect))));
by GL April 12, 2004
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Usually confused by spelling checkers as "a trash", Atrash has an extraordinary ability to devour mathematics and black seeds while drinking tea.

To find Atrash look for a green car.
You drink more tea than Atrash!
by samz April 13, 2004
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