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A physical disorder or syndrome in which a phallus-having male has orgasms that grow in magnitude and force with every ejaculation. (It's often referred to as ATC.) In most cases, the male's penis eventually becomes supersized, weighing and abundant amount - much more than the normal human spinal cord is capable of supporting. With every ejaculation, he disperses a giant stream of molten, radioactive semen. It is normally more powerful than the force of Old Faithful. This process is fatally damaging to the male, causing him to be drained and dehydrated of 98% of his bodily fluids with each orgasm. Currently, the only "cure" for ATC is, well, death.
"Aw, did you hear about that poor girl on the evening news?! Her dis-mangled corpse was found in the middle of the interstate! The medical services spent two hours recollecting her body parts. They said that what little there was left of her was solidified in cum, and this was apparently after it melted most of her body. They're calling her ground zero for something called "Atomic Cock Syndrome"."
by negro_bert August 29, 2016
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