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A wonderful site. Smaller community than other sites such as Subeta and Neopets. Very kind to newbies. It is not exactly based around adopting pets.
Newbie: Hi I'm new.
Atarians: Hey welcome to Ataria!
Newbie: How do you -insert question here-
Atarians: -insert kind answer here-
Newbie: Thanks!
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Ataria is the best virtual community on the internet. Its focus is more on the character than the pets, which is what sets it apart.

For those who malign Ataria, I say this: get a fucking life.
"Hey, did you hear about Mike? He went and made his own site!"


"Yeah, it's called Ataria, and it's 400 times better than Subeta!"
by sPAzzola January 21, 2008
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ataria is a pet site similar to neopets. it is owned by a bipolar freak who doesn't know how to operate a business.
"Wow, I want to go play Ataria!"

"Don't go play Ataria, the owner freaks out and verbally abuses the members!"
by OMGAWDDDDDDDDDDDDD December 12, 2007
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