The worlds first 64bit video game system console. Released 1993. Very unsuccessful dispite stylish black and red appearnce and 64bit power. Atari's final console and just as successful as the previous two(5200 & 7800). Made in the USA... Insert joke here. Atari Jaguar had less than 60 cartridge games made for it from 1993-1996 when atari pulled the plug.

Atari Jaguar sufferd from horrible and pathetic first party support and almost no third party support. Shame too. The Jaguar had the power to be a contender but failed for he reasons above.

Sega Genesis has 16bits.
Panasonic 3do has 32bits.
But Atari Jaguar has a total of 64bits!

Jaguar. Jaguar! JAGUAR!!!!
This system might have been pretty good and desireable if Atari hadn't screamed to the world through its poor and obnoxious marketing that it was "64bit".... considering that most of the games for the Atari Jaguar had graphics that were identical to what was found on 16bit systems at the time. A few games had graphics simular to what was found on 32bit systems, such as DOOM.

Most desired games: Doom, Alien vs Predator, Iron soldier 1 & 2, tempest 2000, Atari Karts, Wolfenstien 3-d, maybe a couple of more at best, maybe not...

Worst games: everything released for the Jaguar not listed above. The game "White men can't Jump" is said by many to be the worst game in existance! Possibly Even worse than ET for the 2600. "Checkerd Flag" is a pretty bad and a god awful game as well(Virtua Racing wannabe).
by truckguy6 June 29, 2007