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Cheeky, rebellious and has a fiery, short temper. Very convincing with her words and manages to win everyone ever with her sense of humour and charm.
Of course you managed to snag him, you're Ataliah!

Typical Ataliah, somehow always wriggles her way out of everything!

I can't believe you persuaded him to let us in, actually yes I can, your names Ataliah!
by ThE gIrL nExT dOoR June 30, 2014
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Is a jamican peace maker that always wants people to be nice to each other. Is a disrespectful person who is also sweet. Has one dimple and good eyebrows. Has a good sense of fashion and is very prety and tall. Her laugh is usually veey ugly and loud
" My friend Ataliah is a great person. She is the biggest peace maker."
by I'm Sha-Chillin💕👸🏽💯 December 11, 2016
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